Alpenrose Sport Hotel



Trasy narciarskie

The hotel is located at an altitude of 1550 m above sea level on the slope of the sunniest mountain in Carinthia – Gerlitzen Alpen.

Gerlitzen Alpen 504 – 1911 m.a.s.l.

  • Ski slopes: 59 km
  • Cross-country trails: 50 km
  • 3 t-bar lifts
  • 7 chairlifts
  • 4 exercise lifts
  • 1 gondola

There are dedicated areas for snowboarders and freestyle skiers on Gerlitzen. At the top of Klösterleabfahrt II, the Freeride-Area and Freestyle-Park are located, offering the possibility of using various forest paths, snow walls, as well as an XXL-Kicker, curved box and numerous handrails. It’s the perfect place for extreme sports lovers! The vicinity of the Gerlizen Alpen mountain is a perfect winter destination. The safety of the ski slopes is ensured by the Alpine Police, and in the event of an injury, specialized medical services equipped with modern equipment, including a helicopter, provide immediate help. There is a ski school, ski services, shop and ski rentals on the slope. That is why Gerlizen is the perfect place to start your adventure with sunny, winter Carinthia!

Map of slopes

Trasy narciarskie Gerlitzen Alpen

Trasy narciarskie Gerlitzen Alpen

More information about the routes and the current conditions on the slopes can be found on the website